Towering Quietness

Moving all the way up to the top floor of a neoclassical townhouse in the heart of Ghent, a majestic and unique view of the city's three landmark towers greets the visitor. The attic, converted into an all-round open space, doesn't breathe historical grandeur, but contemporary serenity.
Before long, the view was hidden by a roof, but in collaboration with Bob McMaster Architects, Élise created an enormous window to open up the space and allow the beauty of the cityscape to enter.

White metal winding stairs lead to a floating mezzanine, from where one can see the subtle interaction between the original roof trusses and the intricate linear pattern of the new lighting.
The half-sanded beams still carry marks of old paint, but this refined roughness is contrasted with a visible purity. The clean, fresh elegance of the armoiré furniture and accents of brass provide the room with a subtle sense of modernity, while at the same time interventions such as the neat cuts in the wall provide heating and airconditioning, maintaining the overall rest in the space.

Full of captivating perspectives, balanced light angles and moments of rest, the place is a welcoming retreat to recharge, hold gatherings, dine in private company, read, play the piano or just admire the magnificent view.

(photographs by Filip Dujardin)