Marine Stream

Two adjacent 1930s flats in Ostend, in a residence named Splendid, made into one to bring families together. From the second floor, the flats face the sea, so the light floods in and opens the spaces to the horizon.

The flats function as separate units as well, and are equipped with two state-of-the-art kitchens. A curved corridor at the back evokes a ship's hull and there is a pivoting library that reproduces the living room space with a wide view of the sea. One kitchen is reduced to a minimalistic version of its original design, as opposed to the second kitchen, where nothing reminds of the past.

Repetition in the passages and doorways, sandblasted concrete ceilings and sandy mud floors add character and flow. The doors and windows are still varnished wood, pureness and elegance prevail in the contemporary elements. A set of six square interior windows, made of carefully selected pieces of old glass in different shades, play a game with the light.

The commissioner, a designer gallerist, completed the interior with exquisite designer furniture and objects from artists with whom she collaborates closely.

(photographs by Filip Dujardin)