Covering Colours

After the publication of her book “The Invisible Mark”, the head of Luster asks Élise to take care of their new offices. The publishing house is situated on the first floor of a marvelous Interbellum building in the heart of Antwerp, designed by the architect Jan Jacobs in 1929. Although the outside is breath-taking, its grandeur didn’t reflect enough on the inside. Due to earlier refurbishments, the space needed to be brightened up, since daylight was covered by dark tones.

The publisher’s wish is to create a spacious work environment where modern meets old in a subtle way. This results in using a lot of warm materials that radiate light from within. Wood is added in small details and handmade ceramic table lamps provide each desk with a personal glow. Coloured glass reflects on the lacquered ceilings that are demarcated by the overall presence of soft neon lighting.

These interventions together make sure that the potential of the big windows is used to its fullest and that natural light defines the division of the rooms. The workspace opens up by following the rhythm of the buildings’ original state. While the sun plays with colorful accents of the office, the authentic Art-Deco feeling of the place reappears with a renewed sense of modernity.

(Photographs by Marthe Hoet & Filip Dujardin)